Brief History


The skulyong family, sole proprietors of KPS Plating, has been involved in the metal plating and finishing business since 1974. From humble premises on Sukhumvit 4 Road in Bangkok. The company, then named Bavornkit, offered chromium, copper and nickel plating processes. It also had injection moulding and machine shop facilities but it was decided early on to concentrate solely on the plating business which quickly grew.

In 1991 Bavornkit was registered as BVK Plating in a purpose built factory in Samutprakarn Province which allowed the necessary expansion of the business to include electroless nickel, solder plating, electroless nickel plating on aluminium and cleaning processes using automatic machinery. Serious concern about the environment also prompted major investment in comprehensive waste water treatment equipment which means that all waste is disposed of effectively, safety and in accordance with local authority regulations. Over the years BVK plating has achieved the respect and confidence of both foreign and local companies.

At present however, BVK has full capacity with no room for expansion. Therefore, one of the pioneers who started BVK, Mr. Kamol Skulyong proposed the creation of a sister company, KPS plating, to similarity satisfy customers’ needs and strict standards. Both company, are fully ISO 9001 rated. KPS is proud to be involved with and supportive of the automotive industry in Thailand and is happy to be helping Thailand achieve ths status of the “Detroit of Asia”